Still ‘Hope’ for a stranded Blue Whale

Dr Natalie Cooper (as seen in the image below) from the Natural History Museum in London travelled to Bangor to give our group a talk this week on the interesting topic of macroevolution and macroecology. Her key interests include the broad scale evolutionary patterns and the evolution of the diversity of plants and the animal... Continue Reading →

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Final Reflection

This is the final blog post for my University course, However, I did enjoy writing so there is a high chance of this carrying on. This is the time when stress levels are high and exam season is on the horizon. Dissertations are becoming the demon in everyone's lives and we still need to think... Continue Reading →

The tree geneticist

Jim Provan from the University of Aberystwyth gave a talk titled - My life as a reluctant tree population geneticist. Jim has done some work on Junipers in Ireland, they are usually fragmented and on the west coast of Ireland. Most of the Junipers in the population had the same genotypes and others shared DNA where... Continue Reading →

Should we protect logged forests?

David Edwards from the University of Sheffield gave a talk titled - The biodiversity value of degraded tropical forests. primary forests are being destroyed by selective logging and wholesale conversion of the land for agriculture. The modified logged forests dominate and there is little primary forest left. The logged forests are seen as a money-making scheme. In Borneo,... Continue Reading →

How to make a great CV

A key lecture for this module that we attended was learning about writing CV's and cover letters. This lecture then later helped us write our own CV and cover letter for a job advert we found online, this gave us feedback to better improve for when the time came to actually apply for more jobs. CV's are a... Continue Reading →

The Unfortunate Zebras

Susanne Shultz from the University of Manchester gave a talk to students at Bangor University. She focuses on shifting baselines, refugees and conservation efficiency. Asking the question can we identify and predict declines. She studies macroecology and conservation, looking at range collapse and fragmentation. Cumulative species extinctions are on the rise in the past few centuries, mainly due... Continue Reading →

Assessment Centre

  The Assessment Centre Day started off in the early hours in the majestically beautiful PJ Hall at Bangor University. Hoards of students were then processed into small groups to start the bonding. Our team and the many others had to read emails that were sent to management and prioritise them in accordance importance from the... Continue Reading →

Writing a business plan

After completing a Dragons den day with a small group, it was now time to put our skills to the test and create a business plan for ourselves. This was a 5-page intensive report on our chosen business plan, mine of which was WildSpaces a gardening company designed to plant wildflowers to help the local... Continue Reading →

A Dragons Den Day

A dragons den day includes about 7 or 8 hours of your day with people you hardly know making a business plan to present to the other groups, our idea was EcoDen a service that provides wild gardens to school with added educational features and public gardens. Although this sounds scary we actually all got... Continue Reading →

Careers cafe, did you say?

Admittedly upon arrival and until 3/4 of the way through the workshop that the university had put on, I had this named as careers NO cafe, but to every student's delight hot drinks and biscuits magically appeared and so it was worth it. I was also shocked that welsh water turned up as they had billed me... Continue Reading →

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